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About Think Aging

Real Life Aging Solutions

Founders Elizabeth (Liz) Comuzzi and Blaine Bell found out firsthand that there aren’t enough supports for seniors, special need adults, and their caregivers in Canada – and indeed around the world. Caregivers can quickly become overwhelmed caring for a loved one while juggling all the other responsibilities in their lives including work, family, and all-important self-care.

Liz and Blaine launched Think Aging with the idea that there ought to be more help for those providing help themselves. Based in Collingwood, Ontario, Think Aging brings together Liz’s and Blaine’s personal experience and professional expertise together in one platform. Liz, a certified coach with over 25 years in social work, and Blaine, a certified professional aging consultant, have put together a program of Real Life Aging Solutions to help caregivers and seniors alike through the difficult and overwhelming time they are going through.

Think Aging also provides certification and other training for health care professionals working in the palliative care and long-term care fields. We are a resource and information hub for the Georgian Triangle Comfort Keepers.

Think Aging’s goals are simple: to support caregivers including families and professionals, and to help everyone re-Think Aging. Our philosophy follows the idea of “Balanced Success” – helping caregivers successfully care for their loved ones while keeping in balance with all the other important aspects of their lives. We do this through coaching programs, online courses, and certifications for professional healthcare providers. Think Aging is based in Ontario but supports caregivers across Canada and around the world.  

Learn more about Think Aging’s founders below, or see what programs are available for you.

Elizabeth Comuzzi, M.S.W.

Founder, Think Aging

Elizabeth (Liz) Comuzzi is an International Speaker, Consultant, Coach and sought-after expert in the field of Aging and Senior Care. Liz gained over 25 years’ experience as a professional social worker providing psychological intervention for a wide spectrum of the population. Always curious, Liz branched out into other specializations along the way. These included care for victims of crimes (in which she developed coaching programs to help those affected by domestic violence) and palliative care, specifically approaches for caregivers to death and dying.

It is this last specialization that is closest to her heart. Liz wanted to share her passion – and her expertise – to help make positive changes in a system that has so many gaps in service. Seniors aren’t getting the care and support they need. Caregivers are often lost and don’t know where to turn. Health care professionals are eager to expand their skill sets, but need the extra education and training that will take them to the next level.

Ever the entrepreneur, Liz decided to do something to close those gaps. First, she and her husband Blaine Bell launched a senior care business, Comfort Keepers, whose mission is to keep seniors and special need adults living and thriving in their home. Then they launched Think Aging, an information hub for Comfort Keepers that helps maintain that mission through coaching and programming.

Through Think Aging, Liz has developed a number of courses and coaching programs to help seniors and their caregivers, identifying what is holding them back from moving forward. Then, she helps them build on their strengths to make significant changes in their lives in order to thrive – not just survive. Liz’s goal is to provide that Balanced Success for everyone so people can continue to live independently at home with the support that they need.

Today, Liz and Think Aging provide the latest research, information, online programs, in-person workshops, Master Classes, certifications and keynote speeches to professionals, caregivers, seniors and coaches around the world. Her new mission is to bring the importance of Real Life Aging Solutions to a global audience.

Learn more about Liz's invaluable one-on-one coaching sessions or contact Think Aging with your questions.

Blaine Bell, HBA

President and Director of Care

Certified Dementia Practitioner, ICCDP Certified Professional Aging Consultant, Canadian Forces Medical Service (CFMS) 

Blaine Bell’s medical expertise as a Captain in the Canadian Forces Medical Services (CFMS) did not prepare him for the realities of becoming a caregiver to family members at home. That unexpected role literally changed his life.

Blaine’s journey threw him into unfamiliar situations within the medical and senior care fields. No matter where he turned, it seemed that nobody was listening to his family’s needs. Years of loneliness, helplessness, and frustration inspired him to help change the way we all think about aging. Blaine vowed to help others in similar situations get the supports and information they need.

Over the years, Blaine earned several certifications including a specialization in dementia care. He now operates a home care business, Comfort Keepers, which provides Personal Support Worker (PSW) services to families requiring assistance at home. He also co-founded Think Aging: Real Life Aging Solutions with his wife Liz Comuzzi.

Individuals, families, and professionals across North America met these aging consultation services with enthusiasm. Think Aging provides the tools and support to help caregivers navigate through the tangled array of medical and community services. Think Aging’s programming helps caregivers prepare for what is ahead and informs them of available supports. The organization also offers certification programs designed to give health care practitioners the advanced training they need.

No matter what type of caregiver, the goal is simple: to ensure a better quality of life for all who need home care.

Today, Blaine is a highly sought-after expert and consultant in aging and care management. Recognized for the quality of services and the strength in programming both locally, nationally and internationally, Blaine Bell and his team are considered go-to experts in the aging and home care fields.

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