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The Dying Process - 5 Reasons Why You Need An End Of Life Practitioner

Nov 06, 2018

The crux of the dying phase of life is that death is foreign to all of us, and it scares us to death...pun intended!

Enter the End of Life Practitioner

This person is someone who is trained to enter your world at this critical time to help you navigate the process of death.

Just as a birthing Doula helps with the hellos to the world, an End of Life Practitioner helps prepare you and your loved ones with the goodbye that you want to send to the world. In-between saying hello and saying goodbye to the world is the curve of life which we generally navigate reasonably well.

The entry and the exit are the struggles.

An End of Life Practitioner will assist you in providing the platform for Your Voice, Your Choice.

An End of Life Practitioner works with the dying person and their loved ones to ensure that the process of death is with dignity and respect.

Most importantly, the expressed wishes of the dying person are met and understood by all those that surround and assist during this...

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