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Three Tips for Better Caregiver Communication Skills

May 05, 2021

Three's Company became a classic TV show based on the fact that miscommunications happen all the time.Communication is one of the most complex things we do as humans. Of course, communication is about talking – trying to find the right words to express your ideas and interpreting the words of others. But communication also involves picking up on social and other cues – not to mention picking up on what’s not being said. We take all these tiny bits of information flying at us every millisecond to put together what we believe to be a coherent picture.

With such complex interactions, we’re bound to get it wrong from time to time. In most of our daily interactions, “getting it wrong” leads to minor miscommunications that are usually easily solved. (Hey, without misunderstandings, we wouldn’t have had Three’s Company...) But when a parent or loved one relies upon us for so much, “getting it right” suddenly becomes a whole lot more important.

Here are three ways you can improve your caregiver communications skills starting right...

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