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5 Proven Tips To Thrive Not Just Survive When Caring For A Spouse

Nov 06, 2018

Are you surrounded by friends and loved ones who are caring for their spouses?

I am.

My friends and loved ones are all at different levels of care, some just starting the care journey as their partner has recently been diagnosed with dementia or another friend who's partner just had life-altering surgery.

The stories I am hearing, had me stop and ponder about the times I have had to care for my spouse and the range of emotions that went through this journey of caring.

What I came up with was: Caring for a loved one, especially a spouse can stir up lots of emotions.

Below are my five powerful tips to help you the caregiver, feel a deep sense of connection and fulfillment in your role or at least not want to throw a pot in your spouse's direction.

Tip 1:
Schedule daily 15-minutes of self-care

Many of you are asking, where do I have 15 minutes per day for myself? What would Harry or (insert spouse's name) do without me? I am going to venture to say that Harry will be just fine...

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