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Are you looking to add certifications to your existing credentials?  We can help.

Certification Training

Comprehensive, In-Depth and Integrated Training for Health Professionals, Social Workers, Professionals, Coaches and Communities

Aging and end-of-life care can be challenging for not only seniors and family members but for the professionals who support them. Education in this specialized field is essential to ensure that you as a professional have access to the latest integrated approaches available to professionals.

Think Aging offers certifications, workshops, advanced master classes and more for professionals in the field. 

Training is designed to add to the existing wealth of knowledge and skills of those currently working in the aging and elderly care field.

Training for Professionals includes:

  • developing appropriate communication skills;
  • acquiring technical knowledge for treating symptoms and relieving pain;
  • learning to address the social, cultural, and spiritual needs of patients and their families;
  • understanding how this field of work affects the professional who is administering the assistance.


Continued Training

For You, The Professional

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